Lindsey Nagel nearly died at age 2, from AZT poisoning.  Lindsey, now 22,  is an active, normal young woman.   
Lindsey's parents, Steve and Cheryl Nagel, are interviewed in the documentary, "House Of Numbers," directed by Brent Leung.  In the movie they describe what happened to their daughter, Lindsey, back in the early 90's, and how they fought the doctors who threatened to remove Lindsey from their home because they refused to give her AZT.
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           Hear Lindsey and Cheryl Nagel tell the story on The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show...
Part 1                                                        Part 2
AZT Sucks PART 1
AZT Sucks PART 2
AZT Sucks PART 3
DAY ONE 1993
Part 1
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